Welcome to Kilts by Helen!

I am Helen McCrindle, a kilt maker in Vancouver, British
Columbia, Canada

Helen McCrindle, kilt maker.

  • I am an experienced kiltmaker of more than 450 kilts
  • My kilts are made-to-measure using fine hand-sewing technique
  • The finest tartan woollens are imported from Scotland
  • I make a wide variety of kilt styles for any occasion in every size and available tartan
  • My kilts are well structured to hold their shape
  • When you have looked through my website I hope the information provided will guide you in your decision to have a kilt custom made either in person in Vancouver or by mail order.

    I understand that a custom made kilt is probably a lifetime purchase, so please contact me for further details.

    Helen McCrindle, Kiltmaker
    2195 Jefferson Avenue
    West Vancouver, BC
    V7V 2A6
    Canada         (604) 925-7530


    Scotland's last surviving traditional tartan weaver, D.C. Dalgliesh of Selkirk, Scotland, has been on the point of closure. At the last minute it it has been rescued, at least for now, but if it is to survive long-term it needs help. A letter from Dr. Nick Fiddes provides background and why the survival of Dalgliesh is of importance to everyone who supports Scottish heritage and tradition.
    D C Dalgliesh - Scotland's Last Artisan Tartan Weaving Mill



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