Men's Kilts - Measurements

1. Have someone measure you - it is impossible to do accurate measurements on yourself.
2. While you are being measured, stand straight, with your head up and looking straight ahead of you. Your feet should be together and you should stand naturally, neither stretching upwards or slouching.
3. Do NOT try to suck in your stomach. The fit should fit you perfectly as you normally are, and standing holding your stomach in is not the norm!
4. While the measurments are being taken, you should wear clothing that is not bulky - avoid belts and pockets with items in them, which can add an inch or more to the measurements! The best clothing to have on is a shirt that is long enough to afford privacy yet adds nothing to the measurements. For women and girls, a slip fulfills the same function.
5. Write down each measurement as you take it - do not try to remember two or three at a time. And measuring a second time is a very good precaution to take to ensure accuracy.
6. Whatever measurement unit you use, be consistent. If you use inches, then state all of the measurements in inches. The same is true if you use centimetres. Stick with one or the other.
7. Cloth tape measures are the best to use as they conform best to the body contures and give a more accurate reading.