Sashes are usually made about 10” wide and 80-90” in length, including the wide fringe.
The price, including lightweight tartan fabric, is $75 Canadian.

Wearing the tartan sash

The sash should be worn on the right shoulder unless the woman is a clan chieftain or married to a clan chieftain, and then it should be worn on the left shoulder. Another exception is if the woman is a member of the Royal Scottish Country Dance Society, she can elect to wear it on the left shoulder, for ease in dancing.

Sash with rosette and hand knotted fringe
Sash with plain fringe








The sash can cross over the woman’s chest from shoulder to waist and be pinned at that point with a decorative brooch. Alternately, the folded sash can be gathered and held pinned in front of the shoulder and the fringed ends can hang down the woman’s back.